Kung sarili mo’y iyo nang sinukuan,
Paano pa kita matutulungan?

Iyong isang Nilalang na hinding hindi ka iiwan,
Siya pa itong iyong binitiwan.

Ikaw ay pagod na’t ayaw nang lumaban,
Paano kaya kita mapatatahan?

Ang para sa’yo’y hindi ko magagawa,
Kaibigan ko,
Siya na ang bahala.

I could have told that friend of mine a million things I thought she needs to hear. But I get it. I have to understand that she may not be in the best shape to hear and process all of it yet.

But I wanted to let her know that if she feels like giving up on herself, I am not giving up on her. It could’ve been easier for me if I would, but I won’t, because the Lord does not want me to. So, I won’t.

I may not know exactly how she is feeling since I am not in her shoes, I know Someone who does. The One who had experienced all that she is experiencing, the One who knows and understands how it feels like to be left by everyone you love, to be betrayed by the very people whom you have trusted the most, to be ridiculed for loving and doing good to the people you love.

And that Someone is the only One who has the right and the most accurate definition of who she is and what her worth is. Not anyone else.

How much He loves her defines how precious she is. Not how people treat her. Not what she thinks of herself right now. And definitely not the pain that she is enduring for the longest time.

To my dear friend, I may not know how else could I help you. So, when my knowledge and all that I have in mind is no longer sufficient and useful, I entrust you into our Father’s hands. You may be trying to run away from Him right now and not want to come to Him, I believe that He is still staying close to You even though it doesn’t feel like it for you.

Love and prayers to you, my friend. Under His loving gaze, you are precious. You will always be.


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