Dear freed soul,

Congratulations! You have been freed by God’s truth. And He continues to free you from anything that imprisons you in this journey. 

As your self-built walls are being torn down by God’s love, you are made free to receive more love and grace and to give others the same.

Just a reminder, though:
Guard your heart.

This is not the same as you did before when you built so much taller and thicker walls to prevent others from hurting you,
which also prevented you from receiving the love and joy that God wanted to give you, and hindered you from also giving and sharing love and grace to others.

Guarding your heart does not have to mean rebuilding the walls that have already been torn down.

This just means asking and relying on God this time for wisdom to discern what is truly good and what is not;
what you share and keep;
what you hold and what you release;
when to keep silent and when to speak up;
when to move and when to stay put.

This just means submitting to God willingly and allowing Him to be your Strength, your Fortress, Provider, Protector, Guide, Lord, Savior, and King.

It is no longer all up to you to protect yourself with all your might.

From now on, you are going to walk with Jesus.
Never going and being without Him again.

And whenever you tend to think that freedom means doing just whatever you want, may you be reminded that true freedom means having the chance and the capability to do what you ought to do, what is good, and what is necessary. And we can only have that with Jesus, the lover and freer of souls. That fact is not relative. Remember that, dear self.

True freedom can only be achieved by loving and embracing Jesus–free from the bondage of sin; free from selfishness, self-centeredness, self-absorption, and self-preservation; free from your fears and insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong. You are still very much free to choose who you’ll follow, what you’ll believe in, what you will do next, and how you are going to live your life. But please, may you choose wisely going forward.

One more thing, may you not tire and be disheartened whenever you find yourself still struggling with the same old things you have been dealing with. Remember that you are continually being freed from attachments, sins, and whatever types of bondage there is. The process of transformation is still ongoing, and it will always be, as long as you are living in this world.



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