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I have always been into writing as early as I can remember. When I was a kid, people around me noticed na mahilig daw akong magsulat. I remember writing pretty much about anything I could think of. Random stuff.

On the last two years of elementary, nauso that time yung True Philippine Ghost Stories–books that are compilation of horror stories in the Philippines. I used to like horror stories that time. So, during breaks at school or when our teacher is not around, my classmates and I would write our own horror stories on intermediate paper (mga imbentong stories lang namin) and we would compile our works in a folder that we circulate in our room during our vacant time.

When I was in high school, habang umaangal ang karamihan sa mga kaklase ko kapag pinagagawa kami ng essays o iba pang writing activities sa school, ako naman ay tuwang tuwa. Since tahimik kasi talaga ako lalo nung highschool, sa pagsulat ko ibinubuhos yung mga hindi ko masabi. And that time, mahilig din akong manood ng mga romance films and the story plots would stick inside my head. Pinaghahalo-halo ko yung mga story plots na napapanood ko and then I would imagine writing my own formed short stories and would dream of publishing them online.

That didn’t come true until Wattpad existed. I was already in college when I discovered about this platform where stories of different genres can be posted and be read for free. After months of reading stories, I finally wrote and posted my own short stories. At first, One-Shot stories lang muna hanggang sa nakasulat na rin ako ng dalawang mahaba-habang stories (yung mayro’n nang maraming chapters). I don’t know if those works of mine can be called novels. Palagay ko, considered as short stories pa rin ‘yung mga ‘yon. But I enjoyed writing as much as I enjoyed reading.

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You Can Get Intimidated

Sa pagbabasa ko sa Wattpad, I came across the works of C.D De Guzman a.k.a Frustrated Girl Writer (FGW) who has been my most favorite author since college days. I got so hooked with her stories that have so much lessons, meaning, and depth which I have never encountered before in any of the stories I have read in the past. The way she incorporates psychological and spiritual elements in her stories is just so natural and amazing. I thought kung magiging mahusay din akong writer, mga ganoong klaseng stories din ang isusulat ko.

Sa kalagitnaan ng pag eenjoy ko sa pagbabasa ng mga novels niya, my insecurities resurfaced subtly. I felt like I can never be as good as her. (upon realizing it now, gusto ko na lang batukan ang sarili ko) So, I just kept on reading her works for years and I never wrote a romance story again after my last one way back 2012 or 2013. Masyado akong nawili sa pagbabasa at hindi ko na inisip na magsulat pa. But at the same time, I have felt some inner discomfort. Parang may nagsasabi sa’kin na hindi tama na ganito ang iniisip ko. FGW is such a lovely person that she would never want anyone to be discouraged and be intimidated. She writes for the Lord and she genuinely and generously shares her gift to bring hearts and souls to Jesus. And I know that that is what I also want to do. I just didn’t know how.

You Can Be Inspired

I have realized along the way that FGW and I are somehow like-minded. Ang kapal siguro ng mukha ko para sabhin yun kasi napakahusay at napakaraming WOWs (Words of Wisdom) ni Denise (her real name), and she is such a lovely and amazing Christian, ang dami-daming matututunan sa mga novels niya. And it was also through her wlorks that I have realized that whenever I think someone is better than me, I should look up to him/her as my inspiration, a guiding angel whom the Lord has sent to enlighten and empower.

Jesus has used FGW and her works to make me realize that each person has a unique gift, each one has his or her own race, and each of us was given a purpose. Kaya hindi ko dapat ikinukumpara ang sarili ko, ang mga kakayahan ko, at ang nagiging takbo ng buhay ko sa iba. And Denise is that one person whose main goal is to bring lost souls to Jesus–a goal that is shared by Christians like myself.

For the past two years, I have been trying to write a romance novel, pero hindi ko ‘yun matapos-tapos at hindi ko alam kung maitutuloy ko pa. I gradually realized that it’s no longer what I want to write. But the Lord has never stopped prompting me to continue writing–it may not be the romance novel that I have been working on, but He wants me to keep on writing.

I started writing little things like lyrics (na kung tutuusin, mga tula pa lang dahil wala pang melody. Hindi kasi ako gifted na makabuo ng melody sa isip ko. Hahaha). At ngayon, I have started blogging. Si Lord kasi, hindi ako tinatantanan hangga’t hindi ako nagsusulat ulit. But this time, it is no longer just for leisure. He wants me to write for Him. And Denise, FGW herself encouraged me to keep on writing for Jesus. There are many ways to write for Him. Writing novels is hers, mine is different. And it’s absolutely fine. It was also through her that Jesus inspired me to keep writing without worrying or thinking if I will have many readers or not. Basta sulat lang daw ng sulat. Si Lord na ang bahala sa readers. Para sa Kanya naman ‘to lahat eh. (Thank God for you, Denise!)

Whatever it is that you are called to do for the Lord, keep going! We may have similarities and differences, but we are living and working for Jesus. We may have different styles, ways, and techniques, but we have the same goal–to win back souls for Jesus.

No one is better or less than the other. We have our own race, pero hindi tayo dapat nagpapaunahan sa finish line. We will help each other to get there, and if it happens that we have gone ahead of others, we will joyfully and lovingly wait for them and welcome them with open arms once they get there.

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