I just recently binge-watched one of my very few favorite movie series on Netflix, and I just realized that I haven’t allowed myself to enjoy watching a movie in a long while as I have preoccupied myself with all the mundane stuff I needed to do in preparation to coming home to my country for good.

In this movie series, as the main protagonist was reminded by several of his friends about what he has been forgetting about his life, I have been gently reminded by the Lord that my life is not about me, and all the good things are not just for my own personal benefit and consumption alone. Each of His disciples is called to partake in His mission which is bigger than ourselves and is meant to benefit many and not only a selected few.

It may seem like a very simple lesson to learn, but for me, it has been the most difficult because it is also the most essential in the life of someone who claims to follow and desires to serve Jesus Christ. But how could that be genuine if I have been selfish and if I do not try to do something about it, right?

The Lord, who has ever been so patient and faithful, does not give up on teaching me that I am called to share His blessings and grace to others by willingly and intentionally pouring my life and heart out in whatever kind of service that is needed at the moment, wherever I may be.


Since I have returned home, without a job at the moment, I now have more free time. I had to figure out how I could best use that time as well as my energy and my remaining resources without wasting them.

I found myself helping a bit more with the chores at home (although I still feel like I may not be doing enough since I still haven’t embarked in to cooking. LOL) without complaining internally, which is surprising! I knew right away that it must have been the Holy Spirit training me gently to actually find joy in serving my family through simple, daily tasks. And I hope to grow and serve them more until I find a religious community to join.


While I am still yet to take the next step in my vocation discernment, I was invited to re-join our church’s youth choir. I thought the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because the Advent Season has just begun, and Christmas is fast approaching. I could use this opportunity to further discern and still serve, this time by singing for the Lord.

I am also getting ready to launch my e-book called, “Let There Be Love: How God’s love can help you stop trying to please people and start living freely to serve Christ” through a virtual book launch by Write University with the help of my mentor, Ms. Sha Nacino and her incredibly kind, professional, talented team. (I-plug ko na rin. Hahaha) It will be on December 4, 2021, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM (PH Time) on Sha Nacino’s Youtube Channel and Facebook Page.

I will be posting more information and updates on how you can get a copy of the book here on my blog site: UnderHisLovingGaze.com and on my Facebook Page: Bloom and Grow in Love.


Now that I no longer have a job and I have no other source of income on my own, I know I have to responsibly manage whatever remaining resources I have. Hindi na gano’n kabilis at kagaan maglabas ng pera pati na ng iba pang bagay. But I should not allow this to make me less generous and more self-preserving.

God once again reminded me that I can trust in Him for provision, for protection, and for everything else. If my choices and actions in life are all for Him, then I can count on Him to take care of me all the way.

When I trust and am grateful to the Lord, His goodness, His love, and His faithfulness, there should be no fear that I would lack anything. There will be pure joy in giving, interior peace in sacrificing, and true freedom in serving. This will be made possible only by God’s grace.

Yes, I have the responsibility to wisely use and allocate what the Lord has blessed me with. But I have also been called to share and serve boldly and generously.

Sometimes, I worry that there may be someone who might abuse or take advantage if I would be too kind and generous. But God is always able and ready to give wisdom when we ask, for us to be able to discern well and respond accordingly.


In this life, the need for love, recognition, significance, and purpose may always linger within. These needs are not bad and are not invalid. But we need to have them quenched and satisfied in the right way—Jesus’ way, and to seek them from the right source–God.

We are called to gradually become less and less selfish; to keep our focus on Jesus, not on our self. And what could make us selfless? Love.

How? Let me share it with you in my upcoming book, “Let There Be Love”. It will be my Christmas Gift to you once it’s out.


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