A few days ago, I watched a virtual book launch of Filipino authors where some of my batchmates who are first-time authors launched their very first book (I’m so proud of them!).

Each author was introduced and was given a few minutes to talk about his/her backgrounds, credentials, and of course, his/her book. While I was watching that part of the launch, I can’t help but think, “Nako! Kapag ako na ang mag la-launch ng libro ko, ano kayang mailalagay as credentials? Shocks! Wala akong binatbat sa mga ito (Fellow authors).”

I started overthinking, getting anxious, and feeling like I am not good enough. Yung pakiramdam na parang wala pa akong karapatan at sapat na kakayahan para gawin yung ginagawa ko (writing a book). I began to think that I may still be inadequate for this.

Come Back to Your Purpose

But then, I was immediately reminded by the Lord that this thought is not coming from Him; that I should go back to the “Who” and the “Why” of my goal: “Who asked me to do this? And Who am I doing this for?” And “Why am I doing this?”.

There is a right time for everything. But sometimes, when it comes to serving and to glorifying God, the time is now.

May mga bagay na parang prutas na kailangang hintayin munang pahinugin; parang bulaklak na kailangan munang palaguin; o parang kurso na kailangan munang tapusin. But when sharing what you have, what you know, and what you can do so far to serve God’s purpose, pwede nang ngayon pa lang, gawin na, simulan na. Because if not now, when?

Kapag may Master’s or Doctorate degree na? Kapag mga 20 to 30 years ka na sa career mo? Kapag marami ka nang pera? Kapag feeling mo, it’s the perfect timing na? Then, tsaka pa lang ba tayo magsisimulang magsulat, magsalita, magsanay, maglingkod, magbigay, tumulong? Pwede. But, we can choose to start now. Start growing in love and faith; start fulfilling our dreams and goals; start living out our passion and mission.

Different People, Different Gifts, Different Needs

And also, even though it may have been said many times in many ways, we’re not supposed to be comparing ourselves to anyone else. Iba iba nga pala tayo. Magkakaibang backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, gifts, etc. Therefore, may iba iba rin tayong mashe-share o maibabahaging lessons, talents, wisdom, skills, knowledge, at marami pang iba.

Parang sa potluck, magdala tayo ng share nating ulam hindi para magpasarapan ng luto, kundi para may mai-ambag at maibahagi sa iba. Even when someone else happened to bring something similar to what you brought, there is no need to feel insecure. Kasi malamang sa malamang nyan, hindi naman talaga eksaktong magkatulad yung mga inihain n’yo.

Lahat tayo, nabiyayaan ng something kaya tayo may naihain. Each of our gifts is going to serve or help someone in some way.


I could just keep this to myself. But I felt prompted to share this, so I hope, if this resonates with you, you may be encouraged to keep going, keep pressing, and keep praying, too!

“Dear self,

Nasabi ko na ‘to sa’yo, pero dahil makulit ka, sasabihin ko ulit 😁:

Whenever you feel inadequate and you are losing confidence in pushing through with your passion and mission,

Recall to mind your purpose and remind yourself that you are doing this for God.

Also, remember that God qualifies the called. So, if He called you for this mission, rest assured that He qualifies you for it.

He has been training you and His grace is sufficient. He provides what you need.

Don’t compare your self, your work, and your progress to anyone else’s. You don’t have to see them as your competitors or enemies.

This is between you and God. Focus on Him.
Then, keep going.”


P. S. ‘Wag na ‘wag mong hahayaan na may sinumang makapagpaniwala sa’yong hindi mo na dapat ipagpatuloy ang paggawa sa kung anumang inilagay ng Diyos sa puso mo. ❀

Basta’t sure kang si Lord ang naglagay nyan sa heart mo at hindi iba (alam mo na..), aba, go na! Push pa! πŸ€—

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