I just watched a movie on Netflix called, “God’s Not Dead” and I was so touched by the humble boldness of the lead character who chose to defend to his Philosophy professor that God is not dead.

I can’t imagine being in the same situation that he was. With all the pressure coming from all directions, I could have given in and do what everybody else wants him to do–to just write on a paper that “God is dead” and sign it. But that would not be right. It may bring ‘peace’ on the outside, it would surely bring me chaos on the inside.

I, then looked at my journal from my daily Bible readings, and also recalling the messages from the daily masses and Sunday mass for the past week. God’s message has never been clearer to me. I thought I need to write them down to process things.

Be Humble and Brave! God is In Charge.

I used to be fearful and easily intimidated by people who have (or seemed to have) strong personalities and are having opinions and beliefs that are different from mine.

But God keeps telling me from time to time that these ‘battles’ are His; the convincing and converting are His job, as well as the healing and the saving. Therefore, He is the only One who can do all these. Not me.

I am His instrument, but He is the Master. I am His team member, His soldier, but He is the Captain, the King. I am His child, His sister, His friend, and He is my Lord. This is both so humbling and yet so encouraging–securing and empowering.

Conquer your fears. Go against the current if you must.

While imagined and real threats of exterior and interior battles are always around, I am being relieved from the pressure of having to be able to ‘drive out demons’, ‘heal the sick’, and ‘convert a nation’ on my own by knowing and keeping in mind that God is in charge and is working with and through me.

Hindi sa kakayahan ko o sa kung anong mayro’n ako nakasalalay ang pagtatagumpay ng misyon. But I have to keep the faith. My job is to give the Lord my ‘two fish and five loaves’. God takes care of what I can’t do.

Therefore, I am reminded to bravely speak even when people may not be pleased or may not agree with what I got to say; to stand my ground; and to ‘walk towards Jesus’ in faith without being distracted with the strong waves and winds, even when I have to ‘go against the current’.


So, even when people might not believe what I believe in, I should keep believing, anyway. Even when they might not like to hear what I have to say, I should say it, anyway. I have to be true and embrace being different.

It’s easier said than done, but I can only do these things “through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

I pray that when Jesus tells us to “Come.”, may we be able to respond boldly, without a doubt or even inspite our doubts. And to keep walking while focusing on Jesus. We will surely be able to conquer our fears.



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