5 years na pala. ❤ This made me look back to December 14, 2015. First day of work. Napakabigat ng loob ko. Napakaraming bagong information na kailangang matutunan in a very short span of time.

That week, I wasn’t sure if I can do this. But I thought, “If I cannot do this, then what else could I be able to do?”. I know I’m such a baby, but I can’t stay that way, I have to grow up, on way or another. And if the Lord would plant me here, then I will grow here.

At the end of my first week at work, my supervisor even asked me if I can really do the job (not in a bad way. I knew she was genuinely concerned with me as she saw me struggling) since the one who was training me wasn’t so sure if I could handle the pressure, and I honestly can’t blame her because I, myself wasn’t sure either.

May Pangamba, Pero Hindi Susuko.

But eventhough I was so tempted to quit, God’s grace held me together. So, even with some fear, I stayed and held on. My fearful heart was eventually filled with stronger faith and courage.

This job which many people see as a no-brainer, is what the Lord has been using to build my character. I am actually considered as ‘underemployed’, pero in fairness naman kay Lord, dito talaga Niya ako inilagay sa trabaho kung saan magagamit ko rin pala yung pinag-aralan at natapos ko not only to help other people, but to also keep my own sanity intact. 😁

In this work, God has been training me to not only talk boldly but to listen intently to people; to have compassion; to be truly humble; to connect and direct the needy to whoever is delegated and able to help them further; to deal with difficult people and see past their tough facade, their hurt, anger, and pain; to go above and beyond in the name of service as if working for God and not for men.

I am where God wants me to be at this time.

Some people say I should not be hanging on in this job any longer, and they got various valid reasons. But when I thought it’s time to move forward, God had something different in store. Nung plano ko nang umalis at tahakin finally yung path which I strongly felt called to, the pandemic happened. Yung mga kailangan naming i-proseso, na-pending lahat. And I thank God I still have a job. Sa pagkakataong ‘to, natututo rin akong maging mas grateful.

So, even when I sometimes feel like I’m stuck, I am reminded to hold on to God’s hand and trust His timing. Minsan, kapag natetempt akong manliit, I am reminded that I should not be comparing myself, my path, my accomplishments, and my journey to that of others.


Then, when I bring my focus back on my ‘now’–on God’s presence, while entrusting my ‘tomorrows’ and ‘next years’ to Him,
joy and peace resurface. And I will continue to focus on serving while continually growing in love.

Thank You, Lord! Para sa’Yo ‘to! ❤🙏🏻🤗


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