When I was given a kind of opportunity which many people could only wish for and others have worked so hard for (migrating to another country), I thought, “sino ako para tumanggi?”. I did not plan for it. I did not ask for it. I did not even personally want it.

But it turned out, bago pa pala ako ipanganak, nakalatag na ‘yon. It was like a red carpet that was already rolled out for me by God through other people, lalakaran ko na lang. Aarte pa ba ‘ko? šŸ˜ (Actually, medyo nga at first.) šŸ¤£āœŒšŸ»

Kaya kahit hindi kasali sa plano ko, kahit hindi ko hiningi, tinanggap ko. Pinapakinabangan ko at ng mga tao sa paligid ko. I could never be thankful enough to God.

And when it was time to ‘level it up’ and apply for the citizenship, I had to make a choice again. This time, I really got to choose, unlike before when I was still not mature enough and had just gone with the flow.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

In this particular matter, the ‘pros’ seem to be more obvious. Hindi na nga yata pinag-iisipan ng ibang tao ‘to. But as for me, I had to discern for months, even years before I arrived at a decision.

Aside from learning the privileges and the responsibilities, the requirements, and the whole process, I prayed. I wanted to know if this is also what God wants. Mas madali siguro para sa’kin mag decide kung gusto ko rin ‘to. But that was not the case. Buti na lang because it made me seek God’s will even more.

But with the Holy Spirit’s prompting, I decided to open my heart to the opportunity at hand. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik, parang gumaan yung dalahin ko bigla.

When God Willed It

Disclaimer lang mga best ah, I can’t speak for everybody. I could only speak for myself. And I am not saying that everything will be easy when God wants something to happen. There could still be challenges and obstacles, of course. But we are never without the Lord by our side.

Sa karanasan ko so far, particularly for this matter, the process was still tedious, but the flow became smooth after I let my hands off of it and placed it in God’s care.

In other words, when I surrendered it to God, everything fell into place. It felt like it was easier than I expected. And I can’t help but praise Him.

What’s Next?

Privilege indeed comes with responsibilities. If I want to enjoy the privileges, I also need to be a ‘grown up’ enough to handle the responsibilities.

After this ‘upgrade’, I have a number of things I still need to accomplish. They could be dragging and even dreadful. But doing them could also be taken as an opportunity to grow and learn, to serve and bless. So help me God.


A prayer of a soul that is humbled, loved, and grateful:

Lord, thank You so much for all the privileges that You have been giving us! We do not deserve any of them, but You know so well what we need, even more than we do.

Help us to fulfil the corresponding responsibilities to having these privileges in ways that glorify You and accomplish Your purpose.

May we do so in love, gratitude, and humility. Thank You for Your grace and mercy.

Sorry for all the times that we have become ungrateful and unappreciative of Your gifts; for being entitled; for being judgmental and condemning toward others; for being too defensive; for thinking with malice and accusations; for being too scrupulous; and for many other offenses.

I believe that I have been forgiven by You, which I absolutely did not deserve; that I am constantly being guided by You; that I am faithfully protected and provided for; that I am being patiently and wonderfully perfected by You.

Thank You, Lord!


Photos from Unsplash and Pixabay


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