Recently, I attended a free webinar about book-writing by a seasoned, sought-after author and speaker, who teaches an online class on book-writing. So, upon receiving an e-mail invitation for this free webinar, I honestly thought: “maybe, this is her way of inviting and encouraging more people to sign up for her class by giving some information or a ‘sneak peak’ about it.”. At ganoon na nga.

After the webinar, I did not immediately sign up for the class. Natulog muna ako. When I woke up the next day, I was still thinking about it. But after praying, less than thirty minutes before the discounted offer for the class expired, I decided to sign up. I have known about that class for almost a year now and have missed several chances to enroll to it. Kasi, bukod sa malaking gastos, I also wasn’t sure if I can commit wholeheartedly with my time and energy. At kahit pa nga matapos ko yung course, I was doubting myself if I could be able to push through all the way.

Writing a book has always been one of the things that I have been wanting to do, although being a famous published author is not really my ultimate dream. May iba akong pinaka pangarap sana. But still, while I am still in the process of preparing for my ultimate goal, I thought I want to try doing what I feel I have always been prompted to do.

Jump in the Water

Gano’n talaga siguro ano? When there is something that you have been wanting to do, you would need to get out of your comfort zone, to take some risks, to invest more time, energy, and resources, etc.

Alam na natin ‘to intellectually. Pero iba pala kapag actual na. Ito na eh. I have been given the opportunity and the resources to start the online course na noon ko pa ipinagpapaliban. Hindi biro yung price, at nirerequire talaga ang full commitment. Kung hindi, sayang lang lahat.

Kapag sinimulan ko na, I have to put my whole mind and heart to it. Lord, help me. Remind me that I am doing this for Your glory, I want to do this not for my own. Help me to wholeheartedly take on this road with You.

Walk on the Water

Peter was able to walk on the water, obviously not because of his own capabilities, but because of Jesus. As long as this Apostle keeps his focus on his Master, he was able to do what seemed to be impossible. ‘Wag nga lang siyang biglang madidistract at madidiscourage sa lakas at laki ng mga alon, kasi lulubog siya. And only Jesus could help him.

This is also how I see this journey of mine. Some may be thinking: “doable naman magsulat ng libro ah? Anong imposible dun?”. Well, writing a book is one thing. Doing it for the Lord’s glory and honor is another. You see, I have this tendency to make things about myself and to do things mainly for my personal gain.

That is why I know I can only accomplish this goal for the Lord if and only if I remain focused on Him, faithfully trusting and hoping in Him. Because once I get sidetracked, I could fall and drown, unless I call on the Lord Jesus to help me out.


Ako kasi yung tipo ng tao na gusto ko, alam ko muna lahat ng eksaktong detalye bago ko simulang gawin ang isang bagay o puntahan ang isang lugar, lalo na kung first time ko at hindi ako sigurado kung may makakasama ba ako.

Sa tulad kong may visual impairment at nakararanas ng anxiety, planning ahead down to the specifics helps me tremendously to successfully accomplish tasks and navigate places in most cases. So, to start something new without the full ‘blueprint’, without knowing exactly how it would end could be challenging.

With this opportunity, God is inviting me to put my trust in Him, not in the details or in anything else that I may have. Mismong topic nga na gusto kong gawan ng libro, hindi ko pa ma-figure out or ma-finalize! At kapag nakakaisip ako ng maraming topic, I don’t know how to put them together in a systematic way. LOL! Let alone I would know if I could publish it successfully or not, o kung may magbabasa ba o wala.

All I know is that I am prompted by the Lord to do this; to choose to trust Him; to refuse to give up; to take courage and begin taking steps even when I have no idea how and if I could finish and succeed. God knows what I don’t, He can do what I can’t. So, whatever the outcome would be, bahala ka na, Lord. Help me start strong and finish strongest.


Photos sources: Unsplash and Pixabay


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