My heart goes out to you.
You may not need to hear this, but I still want to tell you…
I’m so sorry you have to feel this way.
You may not need to hear this or maybe you do…

You who feel like you’ve got no place in this world, in your own family, in any group you may wish to belong, and you may have felt like you have to dig a hole or push your way in just to create a spot or a space for yourself.

You who feel like you’ve been thrown off the bus; who feel like no one sees what you are doing and what you are good at.

You who feel like every conversation is like a battle where you have to fight and win just to get your point across or to feel that you have worth and that you are good for something.

Sorry if we failed to listen to you,
If we failed to make you feel seen, heard, loved, valued, and understood.

Sorry if we failed to stand by you, to protect you and be there for you when you needed us the most.

Sorry if we unknowingly made you feel like you were the villain when in reality, you have actually been the victim.

Sorry if our carelessness and insensitivity had put you in trouble, had wounded you and pushed you away.

Sorry… we may never be able to undo the damage and bring back the time.

And this may be the last thing you want to hear. Or maybe you no longer care even just a bit.
But let me tell you still…

We may have failed you,
But God never will.
We may have taken you for granted,
But God never will.

You may or may not see it right now. But He is taking good care of you.

I may never be able to do what’s enough and give everything you need, but I hope I can take part in taking good care of you, too.

May you receive all the help that you need. May all your wounds heal no matter how long and how hard it takes. And may we also be able and willing to do whatever it is that we need to do to help you.

P.S. Even when you feel like you are alone, like you don’t belong to anyone or anywhere, you belong to God. And even when you feel like the people that you love did not choose you, God has chosen you. Walang halong kacharutan! 😁

God bless your heart all the way through…



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