Embarrassment knows no time, place, or age. It can come to anyone, anytime, anywhere. And each of us may have our own ways of dealing with it. But do we really have enough time to plan our response when it suddenly happens?

I used to get so stressed whenever an embarrassing moment happens. I used to blame others and feel so ashamed even when a couple of hours had already passed.

I felt so bad when I remember those times. But I am so grateful to Jesus because I know that He doesn’t stop working in my heart. I am slowly learning to improve my ways of handling unexpected and unwanted moments. And I can notice my own responses changing gradually.

I’m still not good at it, but I am trying. So, help me, Lord. 😀

Carry On and Smile

How I wish I can command everyone in the room to just ignore it like no one saw or heard anything. But my own blushing face never fails to give me away.

So, when it becomes too obvious that yes, I am embarrassed, I just take it, laugh a little, and let out a smile. Kahit ang hirap, minsan mukha na ‘kong tanga pero go lang. 😀

If it’s not really a big deal, then there’s no need to treat it as though it is.

Speak Up. Say Something, But Only If Needed.

This is what I try to avoid, especially if there is no need to do it. Sometimes, it depends on what or who caused the embarrassment. Minsan kasi, sa sarili ko lang naman ako napapahiya eh. And when I try to reason out and explain myself, it’s like I’m just embarrassing myself even more.

But if it helps to the situation, then I have to straighten things up by apologizing if it’s really necessary and helpful. But I try to not be defensive.

Stay On The Ground. Not Under It.

Sometimes, when an embarrassing moment happens, I just want the ground I’m standing on to open and hide me underneath. But no, I have to stay in the present and stop imagining the ground swallowing me in.

I think, I would be more embarrassed if I will shy away. So, I will just face it.

It Will Pass. Just Wait.

Sometimes, people around you are not paying as much attention to you or to what just happened to you as you think they are. Or maybe they are, at one moment, but it will pass. Something else will happen and their attention will be drawn away from you. Or when they see that you are not too affected with what just happened; those people could easily leave you alone. Or so you thought. Well, let’s just hope for the best. 😊

But don’t think like the embarrassment will stay for the whole time. It will mostly depend on how you would handle it. The less you wallow in it, the sooner it will fade away.


Embarrassment can happen more on the outside and then it gets to the inside, or it can happen just on the inside but if we let it get the best of us, it can reach the outside and people around us could notice all the more.

So, I just remind myself to relax and be natural, so I won’t be too tensed. Because when I am too tensed and anxious, I have a bigger tendency to embarrass myself all the way.

I also remind myself to be more careful but at the same time, to be present-minded, to be more aware and attentive. Pay more attention and be accountable for the consequences of our mistakes and negligence if ever there are any.

It would also be a good thing to be able to laugh at ourselves and to not take some things too seriously. It could help us to alleviate the tension inside, to accept our own imperfections and it could strengthen our character as well.

I would also like to think that embarrassing moments happen so that I could learn to get past my insecurities and allow my confidence to develop as I become spontaneous in handling myself and be able to carry on without letting myself be distracted.

In everyday, there could be many unexpected, unwanted, things that could happen beyond our control, but what we can control is how we will respond to the present situation and how we will proceed right after.

Those uncontrolled, unexpected elements could destroy us only if we allow them to. We can use them for our own advantage and development if we choose to.

“Under His loving gaze, our imperfections are visible, but He still looks at us with so much love. We are precious in His eyes.”

Photos courtesy of Unsplash and Pixabay


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