What God Tells Me Through My Dad

Blessed. My brothers and I are blessed that our father is still with us up to this day. Although he is in mid-70’s and has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), he is still able to function well. Katulad ko, bunso rin ang tatay ko sa kanilang magkakapatid. Kaya siguro may mga pagkakapareho kami ng ugali…


My Tears Were Turned Into Dancing

Earlier this week, I lost my aunt. Before this week ended, I, myself became an aunt. A few days ago, I had been in a period of desolation. Now, it is time for consolation. One of my closest friends had said, whenever he receives a great blessing, he is grateful. But then, he can’t help…

To The Amazing And Beautiful Person That She Has Always Been

A mother may get tired and sick, but she never stops working and taking care of everybody. She may yell at times but her heart never stops whispering how much she loves her children. She may not always feel that she is appreciated, but I hope that today, she will. To this beautiful mother, may she be blessed with graces and love, strength and endurance, laughter and warmth in her heart.

A Holy Week Like Never Before

How this Holy Week 2020 is different from all the Holy Weeks that we had in the past, aside from the fact that most of what we will be doing with our church communities are being done online. How we can make the next few days a more dedicated time to come closer to the Lord and to look into ourselves more deeply.